Retirement Planning Workshops

Retirees—and soon-to-be-retired individuals—are keenly concerned about the size of their annual tax bills. But most find themselves confused about how taxes work in retirement. Join us for a complimentary Retirement Planning Workshop and learn what’s involved in creating a retirement tax strategy.

Retirees often don’t understand how taxes work in retirement. But they’re keenly concerned about the size of their tax bill each year. Learn what’s involved in creating a retirement tax strategy.

Bring a friend and join Citizen Advisory Group to learn how different factors can impact your retirement.

You will learn:

• How will the new administration potentially impact your bottom line and retirement nest egg?
• Strategies to help minimize your federal income taxes on your IRA, 401(k) or other investment accounts.
• Explore tax strategies that may protect your beneficiaries and could help ensure you don’t run out of money.
• The common mistakes you can make when doing an IRA rollover before or after retirement.
• Is a Roth IRA conversion right for you?
• What you should know about the current tax environment, your IRA and 401(k).
• The importance of distribution planning (understanding the rules may allow you to reduce your risk and keep more of your hard-earned money!)
• How to attempt to protect yourself from future market drops.

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